Linda McCartney @Montpellier

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First French retrospective of Linda McCartney. This is an exceptional collection of over 200 prints (black and white and color) and original documents covering the whole of her prolific career, from her first pictures of the most famous musicians of the rock scene, to the “swinging sixties”, until her personal photographs, social, or experimental.

Sensitive testimony of her family life with her husband Paul McCartney, her photographic autobiography uses both Polaroid’s recreational resources, as an elegant, spontaneous visual language. Linda McCartney combines in her work the innovative spirit of American photography of her time, and the intimate ambition to own, resolutely personal, photographic chronicles.

Linda McCartney: Retrospective 1965-1997

21 February – 4 May 2014

Pavillon Populaire, Montpellier. France

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